The Nitro Cold Brew Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: It’s been quite sometime since we got nitro gastronomy restaurants in the UAE, but now there is a nitrogen-infused coffee. This week leading coffee retailer Costa Coffee introduced an innovative blend called the Nitro Cold Brew to its menu.

Sure to excite coffee lovers, the Nitro Cold Brew is made with a single origin Arabica Colombian roast and steeped for 20 hours in water. The brew is then poured through a tap dispenser that infuses the drink with nitrogen making for a smooth ‘velvet’ texture that tastes like a stronger version of the expresso. A vanilla or caramel syrup maybe added for those who like their coffee a tad bit sweeter. The infusion of nitrogen slows down the degradation of coffee and doesn’t easily dissolve in water. This means the coffee retains its taste, texture and aroma for a longer period.

The nitro coffee is available at Costa’s Jumeirah Beach Road and Business Bay branches, and will be launched in other outlets in Dubai in the coming weeks.