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Dubai: While it is wonderful to have pets, it’s tough to leave them alone while you head to work for the day. Fortunately, there are plenty of day care centres to keep your pets safe and engaged until you can get back to them. Here’s a look at some near the Expo 2020 site so you can participate safe in the knowledge that your fur babies are having fun too.

But first, before you can enroll them in a centre, here's what you need to know.

What are the pet vaccinations needed before enrolling my pet at a day care centre?

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  • For cats: Rabies, FVRCP (TRICAT), Panleukopenia, Herpesvirus, and Calicivirus)
  • For dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Canine Hepatitis (ICH), Leptospirosis, DHPP/DHLPP, CPV, and Bordetella

The vaccination card is usually checked at registration. If annual vaccinations are not updated and there is a gap between the last vaccination and the new vaccination date, 21 days must pass before a pet is accepted for boarding.

What is the assessment at the day-care centre?

Day-care centres often require pets to go through an assessment before check-in. This is done to test your pet’s temperament after which they will be given access into the facility. While most pets only have to go through this check, some pet day care centres also require pets to go through an induction day, where they meet - and get used to - the other guests.

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Can I provide the pet day-care facility with my pets’ belongings?

Yes, in fact, it may make it easier for the pet because of the familiarity of things and smells.

6 things to keep in mind when looking to book your pet into day care

  • Ensure your pet is free of fleas and ticks.
  • In case of anxiety, take your pets’ belongings along as these may provide comfort.
  • If your pet is taking any medication, professionals at the facility will administer it as long as it doesn't need to be injected.
  • Vaccinations are a must.
  • Make a booking in advance to ensure smooth enrollment.
  • Keep an eye on prices; they vary depending on demand.

Here are eight pet day care centres near the Expo 2020 site

1. Poshpaws Kennels & Cattery

Cost (excl. of VAT): Dh50 for half day; Dh75 for full day (as seen on the website).

Location: Warehouse no2 & 3, Street 37, DIP-1 Dubai

Timings: Saturday to Thursday – 9am to 5pm

2. Urban Tails Pet Resort

Cost (incl. of VAT): Dh90, per day

Location: Urban Tails Pet Resort, Dubai Investment Park-2, Dubai

Timings: Saturday to Thursday – 7am to 7pm

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3. Romis Home Pets Nursery

Cost (excl. of VAT): For less than 10 days: Dh70 (small); Dh75 (medium); Dh80 (large) per day. Per month: Dh2,000. (This includes pick-up and drop-off)

Location: Warehouse no 5, De Ville 1 building, Dubai Investment Park – 2, Dubai

Timings: Saturday to Friday – 7.30am to 9pm

4. My Second Home

Cost (excl. of VAT): Per day rates include Dh100 (one dog), Dh150 (two dogs), and Dh200 (three dogs)

Location: Plot No 597-631, Dubai Investment Park-2, Dubai, UAE

Timings: Saturday to Friday – 8am to 8pm

5. My Buddy Pet Care

Cost (excl. of VAT): Full Day: Dh50 (small dog); Dh60 (medium or large dogs). Half day: Dh30 (small dog); Dh35 (medium or large dogs)

Location: My Buddy Pet Care, Ras Al Khor Road, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 1, Dubai

Timings: Sunday to Thursday – 7.30am to 6.30pm; Friday and Saturday – 8 am to 6:30pm

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6. Shampooch

Cost (incl. of VAT): Dh42 for half day, Dh84 for full day (small dogs); Dh47.25 for half day, Dh94.50 for full day (big dogs)

Location: 674, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 3, Dubai

Timings: Saturday to Friday – 8am to 6pm

7. Spot

Cost (incl. of VAT): Dh90 per day or Dh15 per hour. Packages available include: 7-day deal (Dh85 per day); 14-day deal (Dh80 per day); 21-day deal (Dh75 per day)

Location: Building 11, 14-4 Street, Al Quoz 4, Dubai, UAE

Timings: Sunday to Thursday – 7am to 7pm; Friday – 9am to 12pm; Saturday – 8am to 7pm

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8. Woof Dubai

Cost (incl. of VAT): Dh52.50 (assessment fee for first-timers and first hour); Dh10.50 (per hour); Dh267 (3 day-deal); Dh2, 184 (26-day deal); Dh2, 520 (30-day deal). Those boarding 2+ dogs from the same family can avail a 15% discount as well.

Location: Woof Pets Services, Opposite Dubai Driving Center, 8th St, Al Quoz Industrial Area-3, Dubai

Timings: Saturday to Thursday – 7am to 6pm. Friday – 12pm to 5pm

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- The writer is an intern with Gulf News