Cultural performance during the Sudan National Day Ceremony at Al Wasl_Large Image_m66740-1647937405973
Cultural performance during Sudan National Day celebrations at Expo 2020 Dubai on Monday. Image Credit: Courtesy: Anthony Fleyhan/Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai: Sudan celebrated its National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai on Monday through showcasing its rich culture, innovative solutions to global challenges and the opportunities presented to the youth to build a promising future.

Following the flag-hoisting ceremonies of both UAE ad Sudan, Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, UAE Minister of Culture and Youth, welcomed Dr Graham Abdelgadir, Sudan’s Minister of Culture and Information.

On the occasion, Al Kaabi said: “Sudan’s pavilion introduces the world to an array of innovative solutions across various sectors such as agriculture, agribusiness and mining, while showcasing the inventions and innovations that its youth have on offer for individuals, governments, private and educational institutions, as well as start-ups.

Her Excellency Noura bint Al Kaabi (L)_ UAE Cabinet Member and Minister of Culture and Youth and His Excellency Dr_ Girham Abdelgadir Dmein Hassan (R)_ Minister of Culture and Information durin-1647937398740
Noura bint Al Kaabi with Dr. Girham Abdelgadir Dmein Hassan during Sudan National Day clelebrations at Expo 2020 Dubai. Image Credit: Courtesy: Anthony Fleyhan/Expo 2020 Dubai

“The strong bilateral relations between the UAE and Sudan are based on brotherhood and mutual respect, as they are deep-rooted in our history and the common framework in which our two countries exist within the Arab and Islamic worlds. In this regard, we look forward to expanding our collaboration with Sudan in various areas of common interest.”

Dr Abdelgadir commented: “Sudan is full of good things, including agricultural land, livestock, minerals and others and all promising investment opportunities in several fields, in addition to cultural, civilisation and tourism diversity. Above all this is the humanity of Sudan, which carries friendliness, tolerance, coexistence and welcoming everyone. “My country’s relationship with the United Arab Emirates is a fraternal relationship that brings together brothers who are linked by ties of religion, language and culture.

Visitors during the Sudan National Day Ceremony at Al Wasl_Large Image_m66754-1647937394658
Visitors at Al Wasl Plaza during Sudan's National Day celebrations at Expo 2020 Dubai. Image Credit: Courtesy: Anthony Fleyhan/Expo 2020 Dubai

"Therefore, we view it as a popular relationship in the first place, framed by the official relationship, covering all aspects of fruitful cooperation, and we seek to develop this bilateral relationship to broader horizons.”

After the ceremony, the National Folk Dance Troupe came to the stage to perform a series of dances to demonstrate the ancient, rich and traditional musical styles of the country. Representing the diversity of Sudan, the troupe consisted of 50 dancers, who performed more than 20 dances from all over the country, including their most famous, the Halfa Dance, which is performed on happy occasions.

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When visiting the Sudan Pavilion, showcasing ‘The Land of Infinite Opportunities’, guests experience contemporary design inspired by the Nubian house, which is known for its environment-friendly features, depicting the country’s cultural diversity, ancient history and waves of recent change to reform its economy.