saudi pavilion expo 2020 dubai
The Saudi Arabia Pavilion will explore four themes (people, nature, heritage and opportunity) using technologically advanced installations. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Not only will the Saudi Arabia Pavilion become the talk of the Expo 2020 Dubai grounds for being the second-largest pavilion on site, but the impressive structure is also home to three Guinness World Records, enlisted on December 20, 2020, even before the exposition's opening. The massive window-shaped edifice juts out from the ground at a precarious angle to dominate an area of 13,000 square metres. Despite its state-of-the-art architecture, the Kingdom will focus on imparting its rich cultural heritage, landmarks and values to the visitors of the World Expo.

In this space surrounded by natural landscapes, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the world-breaking records in person: the largest LED mirror screen display, the longest interactive water feature and the largest interactive lighting display. Have a look at where you can spot these innovative installations below.

Largest LED mirror screen (1,302.5 square metres)

This digital screen can be found on the façade of the pavilion itself. Under the imposing, slanting screen, visitors can enjoy larger-than-life visuals of the country, as if privy to a window to Saudi Arabia.

saudi pavilion expo 2020 dubai
At 1,302.5 square metres, the Saudi pavilion's facade is the world's largest LED digital display. Image Credit: Supplied

Another 68-metre LED display is inside the pavilion that will reflect five ecosystems ranging from seas and deserts to mountains on the curved screen – explore the luscious Al Bardani Valley or the Red Sea along the western coast. Other sights include the mountains of the Tabuk region and the world’s largest sand desert Rub Al Khali or the Empty Quarter.

Longest interactive water feature (32.234 metres)

saudi pavilion expo 2020 dubai
At the Saudi pavilion, 14 cultural sites of import will be recreated in a 580-square-metre area including AlUla and Rock Art in Hail Region. Image Credit: Supplied

This digital water curtain is embedded with interactive points, through which visitors can influence the images and displays on the installation. Similar attraction can be found in the ‘Discovery Centre’ of the pavilion for potential investors and partners to network over an interactive digital map of Saudi Arabia. The data on the map will point towards nature, tourism, arts and culture and much more.

Largest interactive lighting display (7,798 lights)

Curated by renowned Saudi artists, ‘Vision’ is an art exhibition that will present visitors with an audio-visual rendering of the Kingdom’s culture. Inside the exhibit, a virtual sphere with a diameter of 30 metres will hover above the ground. The record-breaking highlight, of course, is the bespoke interactive flooring with nearly 8,000 LED lights, making it the largest of its kind in the world.

saudi pavilion expo 2020 dubai
An art exhibition featured with audio-visual elements has an interactive floor with nearly 8,000 lights. Image Credit: Supplied

A LEED-certified green building

The Saudi Arabia Pavilion has been awarded a Platinum rating in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). In other words, the structure addresses certain aspects that makes it less stressful on the environment by using energy and resources efficiently.

Designed by Seville-based Boris Micka Associates and constructed by contractor ALEC, the pavilion used 41 per cent of materials from sustainable sources and 82 per cent of the construction waste was recycled.

- The writer is an intern with Gulf News.