Kollam Sudhi
Kollam Sudhi Image Credit: insta/ kollam_sudhi_

Malayalam actor and mimicry artiste Kollam Sudhi died in a car accident on Monday near Trissur in Kerala.

Sudhi and his team of four were returning from Vatakara after a stage show when their car collided with a pickup truck at Kaipamangalam. Though he was rushed to a nearby hospital, he succumbed to injuries. He had to be taken out of the car by cutting the airbags, said police.

As per Indian media reports, his car collided with a pick-up van that came from the opposite direction.

Sudhi, 39, rose in stature from stage shows to a mimicry artiste and finally graduated to the Malayalam films. In his brief film career, he showed his brilliance when doing comedy roles. Following his success in the films, his popularity in TV shows soared all the more.

Sudhi made his debut in films in 2015 and in a short time was able to make a mark.