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Grandmothers can be really cool and Malayalam director Rahul Riji Nair is trying to show that with his new film Daakini, which is centred around four senior citizens.

The movie is about women bonding and how they join forces to take on a don, who is played by none other than Chemban Vinod Jose.

Pauly Valsan, Sethu Lakshmi, Sarasa Balussery and Savithri Sreedharan play the four protagonists. Valson is Molly, a single woman managing her own automobile workshop. Lakshmi is Vilasini, whose husband has abandoned her. Balussery is Sarsa, a widow who lost her husband — a soldier — in war. Sreedharan plays Rosemary, a theatre artist with an ailing husband.

The four friends lead a content life, said Nair, a former software professional who quit a lucrative career to begin from scratch in cinema.

“What rocks their boat is Mayan, a stylish don entering into their lives,” he added.

Jose plays Mayan, a tough goon who has a fascination for antique weapons.

Nair’s debut film, Ottamuri Velicham — still awaiting release — fetched him four Kerala State Awards last year including for Best Film and Best Editing.

Valsan received her first Kerala State Award for her role in it. Ottamuri Velicham talks about marital rape and has been winning laurels at festivals, the recent win being at the Chicago South Asian Film Festival.

Daakini is Nair’s second film and going by its tagline — ‘old, wicked and lovable’ — he promises a fun ride.

The supporting cast includes Aju Verghese, Indrans and Saiju Kurup.

Appreciating his lead actresses, Nair said that they surpassed young actors with their positive energy, passion for cinema and commitment to work.

“They were an inspiration to me. Despite cold weather conditions, they never complained about going for retakes. Not to forget the action sequences they have played in the film,” he said.

Daakini releases in the UAE on November 1.