Ragini Dwivedi
Ragini Dwivedi Image Credit: Instagram.com/rraginidwivedi

Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi, who walked out of jail after spending nearly 150 days in prison over her alleged nexus with drug peddlers and high-profile event organisers, on Saturday shared her first ever message with the media.

Dwivedi titled the message as “smile and let the world wonder why,” writing that in this new year her belief in the rule of law and the Indian legal system has only strengthened.

“I am certain that like every citizen, my rights will always be protected under the Constitution of India. With the blessings of the almighty I will overcome the evil with good. My strength is my family, my fans and supporters which will always empower me to come out victorious in all my endeavours,” she stated.

Contending that she is ‘innocent’, the actress maintained that the film industry knows her very well as she has been working with them for more than a decade.

“My 12 years work in the industry speaks for itself,” she said while speaking with the media after she attended her hearing in the court.

The Apex court granted her bail on last week and is formally out of jail. Since then Dwivedi has been on a temple tour with her family and close associates.

The actress told media that this was the victory of justice. “I have so many things to say. I will conduct a press meet and discuss all the details. I will not disclose anything right now,” she said.

She had also thanked her fans and the court. “Truth triumphs. I would like to spend time with my family. I will speak after taking some time,” she had stated.

Dwivedi was arrested on September 4, 2020. The actress was in Bengaluru Central Crime Branch police (CCB) custody until September 14 and then sent to judicial custody on September 15. She is accused of being number two in the Cottonpet drugs case, which is now infamously known to be Sandalwood drugs case, drawing reference to the film industry. Dwivedi was held for her alleged association with an international drug peddling racket that revolved around supplying psychedelic drugs to customers at major events and rave parties.

Along with Dwivedi, her fellow actress Sanjjanaa Galrani is also an accused in the same case, along with over a dozen others.