Anoop Menon and Bhavana in "Angry Babies", out in the UAE on July 24, 2014. Image Credit:

Rich girl Sarah falls in love with Jeevan, a still photographer, and, as is expected, her family opposes the relationship.

So, the madly-in-love couple elope to Mumbai for a new beginning. Saji Surendran’s Angry Babies, releasing in the UAE on Thursday, takes off from here.

“The film is about their lives post marriage when they confront day-to-day realities,” said Surendran, best remembered for directing Manasam, an award-winning television serial.

While Jeevan aspires to become a photographer for National Geographic Channel, Sarah’s dream is to open a coffee shop. Anoop Menon and Bhavana play the lead pair.

“This story was narrated to me by Anoop a decade ago, when we were working together in television,” said Surendran, who entered films with Ivar Vivahitharayal, a box-office hit.

“From love birds, Jeevan and Sarah turn into angry birds, even going to the extent of seeking divorce. This Tom & Jerry relationship is something that several couples can relate to and I have narrated it in a fun way,” said Surendran.

The film was shot in Kochi, Idukki and Mumbai.

Krishna Poojappura has written the screenplay and script for Angry Babies, Bijibal has composed music and Anil Nair is the cinematographer. Angry Babies is produced by Darshan Ravi.