South Korean filmmaker Cho Sung-kyu
South Korean filmmaker Cho Sung-kyu Image Credit: Supplied

All over the world, young people face the conundrum of whether to follow their dreams or pursue a conventional life that offers stability.

This dilemma is at the centre of South Korean movie ‘Croissant’, which will have its MENA premiere at the 9th Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth. Its director, the acclaimed filmmaker Cho Sung-kyu, says the slice-of-life movie holds valuable lessons for youths, no matter their background.

“My advice to young people is to choose adventure over job stability and security. This is a privilege they must have,” Cho Sung-kyu said in a statement to Gulf News.

The 2022 edition of SIFF which runs from October 10-15 at Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre, Sharjah.

Cho’s 2021 film examines the challenges that young people go through as they choose between passions or giving in to the social pressures of a more steady career. ‘Croissant’, led by actors Nam Bo-ra and Han Sang-hyuk, follows the lives and choices of Heejun, who is preparing for public services examination after he is laid off by a private company, and Sung-eun, who is living her passion as a baker. The meeting between the two characters changes the former’s perspective of life choices, a message that Cho successfully delivers through the simple movie.

Cho notes that like in many parts of the world, young Koreans too dream of stable employment, regardless of their inner passion or dreams.

“Through the film, I wanted to convey that while it is important to do great things that everyone recognises, there are many people around us who work hard to achieve their passions. I want every young person to know that it is possible to achieve what you dream of,” he said.

The Korean director is excited to be at the 9th SIFF.

He said: “I want to see how people in other countries react to my movies. Korea and the United Arab Emirates, in particular, have different cultural backgrounds. I wonder how the audience here will understand my story. Such curiosity is always of great help to make new creations.”

‘Croissant’ will be screened at Vox Cinemas, City Centre Al Zahia, Sharjah, on October 14, at 7pm.

What to know about SIFF 2022

Archive photo of a panel discussion at Sharjah International Film Festival
Archive photo of a panel discussion at Sharjah International Film Festival Image Credit: Supplied

With 95 films from 43 countries; including 28 animations and 16 feature films; there will be more than enough entertainment for all types of movie enthusiasts.

Apart from films, there will be workshops where people can learn video editing, scriptwriting, film making and a range of other new-age film techniques. Be sure to visit SIFF’s Experience Station, Entertain Zone and Explore Studios to take advantage of these workshops.

There will also be green carpet screenings and interviews with filmmakers, panel discussions and more.