Pauleen Luna Vic Sotto and daughter Tali
Pauleen Luna Vic Sotto and daughter Tali during the gender reveal party for Baby #2. Image Credit: Instagram | @pauleenlunasotto

Manila: The anticipation has come to an end as Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto joyfully expect the arrival of their second child, a precious baby girl.

On August 8th, Wednesday, Pauleen took to Instagram to share the delightful moment of their official gender reveal, adding to the happiness of their growing family.

Captured beautifully by Nice Print Photography, the gender reveal video perfectly encapsulated the heartwarming family moments, eliciting a flurry of positive reactions from netizens.


Pauleen, aged 34, and her husband Vic, aged 69, spread happiness among their friends and followers by unveiling their joyous news through a viral social media post.

In the video uploaded on Pauleen's Instagram handle (@pauleenlunasoto). the couple's excitement radiates as they partake in a playful "sumo" wrestling match to determine the gender.

The adorable moment unfolds, and the video showcases Vic's exuberance as he lifts his arms in jubilation, celebrating the victory of "Baby Girl."

Luna's Instagram caption reads, "Thank you again fam for giving us this baby shower, thank you for celebrating life with us! God knows we’ve been praying for this for a long time, so thank you for celebrating with us! Thank you @danicaspingris and Mama @joywsotto for fixing everything (all we have to do want to go to the garden). Thank you Lord. This gender reveal was so fun and so creative I still can’t get over it!"

Pauleen, a renowned actress and TV host in the Philippines, has earned recognition as the host of the esteemed GMA show "Eat Bulaga."

She shares her life's journey with the legendary comedian Vic Sotto, and together, they have been blessed with a charming daughter named Tali, who is 5 years old.

Adding to their joyous moments, Pauleen recently shared a video capturing her infectious laughter as she watches her husband's comical dance moves.