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‘The Last Full Measure’, a war drama produced by Habib Paracha, a Pakistani American, is set to release in Pakistan on January 31. The film is already screening in the UAE.

The film, which stars Ed Harris, Samuel L Jackson, Christopher Plummer, William Hurt and Jeremy Irvine, is written and directed by Todd Robinson. It is based on the real-life story of William Hart Pitsenbarger, a US Air Force Pararescueman who flew on almost 300 rescue missions during the Vietnam War, and saved tens of downed soldiers and pilots. Irvine plays the Air Force medic who is posthumously awarded the country’s highest military honour.

Habib Paracha, the Pakistani American producer of THE LAST FULL MEASURE-1580109472122
Habib Paracha.

“I am so thrilled for this movie to be releasing in Pakistan. I hope to leverage my learning from this project to showcase the stories of the heroes of our armed forces, and show the Pakistani audience and the world at large the great sacrifices that the soldiers of our country have made towards being a peaceful, progressive and positive country in the world,” Paracha said.

The feature is Paracha’s fourth venture in Hollywood. Earlier, he has produced ‘The Trust’ (2016), ‘Terminal’ (2018) and ‘Strive’ (2019). Watch the trailer of 'The Last Full Measure' below: