190311 ali zafar
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Ali Zafar penned a special Urdu ‘nazm’ (poem) as a “salute to the women who make us the men we are” on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The singer and actor recited the untitled, six-line lyrical ballad, accompanied by soft piano notes, and shared its video on social media.

Directed by fashion photographer Adnan Qazi, the video is shot in a sepia tone, and corresponds with the mood of the poem where Zafar likens a woman’s countenance to the blossoming mornings, and “madham madham chandni” (cool moonshine) as well as “teekhi dhoop” (sharp sunlight), before regarding her as “bey misl” (exemplary).

Zafar, who is an ambassador for Girl Rising, ends the poem by saying that his heart is a slave to her forever.

The singer isn’t new to creative writing; he has frequently unleashed his inner poet where he often comes across as an ascetic — that is, of course, counting out the many fun lyrics he has written for his pop albums and film soundtracks.