Sam Fender
Sam Fender Image Credit: Instagram/sam_fender

Popular English alternative rock and indie sensation Sam Fender was forced to cancel his Leeds Music Festival set multiple times due to medical emergencies in the crowd.

Telling the crowd to calm down, the 29-year-old singer stopped his set on Saturday evening as a fan required medical help in the crowd, telling the packed audience: “We need some help over here, let’s stop.”

He went on to ask: “You ok? We need help over here — we’re going to have to calm down,” reported.

A source at The Mirror added: “We’re not sure what happened, but Sam acted very quickly and made sure that nothing happened until the medics and security got the fan out of the crowd.”

The incident took place after the award-winning singer-songwriter performed ‘Spice’ for the delighted sea of fans hanging on his every word in Yorkshire. “Well we’ve got the punky ones (songs) out the way now,” Sam went on to tell the crowd after belting out a few of his anthemic tracks.

Later in Sam’s set, the ‘Seventeen Going Under’ hitmaker, who performed in Reading at Leeds Festival’s sister event last night, checked in on his fans in the crowd once again, telling them: “Does someone need to get out? Can you make a pathway to get them out.”

Another incident saw Sam ask: “Yes, getting help? Does somebody need to get in there? We need to clear a path.” The screens then went off with the Newcastle native returning shortly afterwards to continue his set.

“Just left the Sam Fender crowd after 3 songs because I felt like I couldn’t (sic) breathe and started crying lol,” one Leed Festival attendee penned on X, with another excited fan adding: “#lookoutforeachother on a bender for Sam Fender.”

At the time of announcing his set, he penned: “Thankfully, because of that lad whose name I can’t remember, I didn’t perish in the flames. Little did he know he’d just saved Reading and Leeds’s 2023 headliner. See you down the front.”