Punjabi singer Karan Aujla and music producer Sandeep Rehaan
Punjabi singer Karan Aujla and music producer Sandeep Rehaan Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai will feature prominently in a new music video that teams up Punjabi singer Karan Aujla and music producer Sandeep Rehaan, who were recently in the emirate to film for the new track.

The duo has had a successful collaboration before with songs such as ‘Mexico Koka’, ‘Kya Baat Aa’, ‘Haan Haige Aa’, ‘Chitta Kurta’, ‘Jhanjar’, among others.

While details of the new track are under wraps, Rehaan did speak about filming the music video in Dubai.

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Music producer Sandeep Rehaan Image Credit: Supplied

“[The] shooting experience was lit because of the view and locations. Actually Karan was having [a] show with E3UK in Dubai. Hence, we planned for the music video shoot in Dubai. Shoot[ing] in Dubai is always good because of the facilities and our friend circle as well. We get very nice shots over there.”

Talking about the song which is untitled, Rehaan said the music will get everyone on their feet. “It’s a Punjabi beat song, which will make everyone groove,” said Rehaan.

The music producer also spoke about his long-standing work relationship with Aujla. “We have a similar taste in music. He has made his way up as one of the biggest contemporary singers in the Punjabi music industry. Fans have been looking forward to our next collaboration.”

Rehaan said that aside from private albums, he also has a few Bollywood projects in the pipeline.