Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey Image Credit: Reuters

Los Angeles: Singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has been spending her time picking up shifts at an Alabama Waffle House restaurant.

The global superstar surprised diners as she decided to put on the uniform and try out the side hustle, just weeks before her performance at the Lollapalooza festival on August 3, reports The Mirror.

Lana was seen by fans as she poured coffee and took orders from diners in the restaurant and one took a video, showing her uniform with a name tag as she worked behind the counter. "Lana Del Rey working at a Waffle House today!" they captioned the now viral clip.

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Fans took to the comments to share their confusion over Lana's new role. One cheekily wrote: "We need to start a gofundme so she can record music again."

A second added: "Every time Lana does something random it always makes my day because like what she is doing."

"Imagine casually going to a waffle house and seeing LANA DEL REY," a third excitedly typed, while a fourth put: "She looks so happy working there!"

As per The Mirror, her Waffle House gig comes after Lana broke her silence about her controversial Glastonbury show which was cut short, admitting: "Sorry about that."

The American hitmaker's show last month started late which meant she breached the strict festival curfew - forcing organisers to turn her mic off. Lana performed at London's BST Hyde Park and made light of the controversy which left her fans in tears at the time.

When introducing her track Diet Mountain Dew, Lana joked: "I think this is where I got cut off last time. Sorry about that." Just before her final song 'Video Games' she made another reference to the Worthy Farm set she added: "It's worth it if the power is cut."