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IMFACT members: Ungjae, Lee Sang, Jian, Taeho and Jeup. Image Credit: Supplied

K-Pop groups Astro, B.I.G, IMFACT, April, Dongkiz, and D-Crunch sent messages of support and wished local fans a Ramadan Kareem.

On April 28, the Korean Cultural Center in the UAE (KCC) began releasing personal videos of each K-Pop group relaying positivity and warm wishes during the holy month of Ramadan amid the global pandemic.

“After long consideration, we have planned to share a positive message with K-Pop groups to overcome this difficult time together with the spirit of solidarity and tolerance,” Nam Chan-woo, Director at KCC told Gulf News.

Some of the bands like B.I.G, IMFACT and D-Crunch are no strangers to the UAE as they’ve previously greeted fans and held performances in the country on separate occasions last year.

“The artists cherished and remembered the stage they had in the UAE, and they were willing to share the meaning of Ramadan and send messages of support to overcome Corona.”

IN2IT’s member Isaac and South Korean rapper Tiger JK have also tweeted to their global fans a Ramadan Kareem.

The Coronavirus outbreak has certainly taken a tumultuous hit on the K-Pop music industry at large, with most events now taking place online. K-Pop concerts like ‘Music Bank in Dubai’ and ‘K-Pop Super Concert’ were also forced into postponement.

“Korea’s pop culture and arts community are also suffering from the cancellation of all performances and events due to COVID-19, and we are also grateful that the groups were pleased to join our Ramadan message initiatives,” he said.

However, Nam shared that the KCC and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the United Arab Emirates are planning to hold in the second half of 2020 a variety of events, of which includes a K-Pop festival that is expected to take place between November 4 and 7 at Etihad Arena and Yas Mall. However, there are no confirmed dates as of yet due to the current situation of the global pandemic.