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It was an intense Friday night. Out of 101 hopeful trainees, ‘Produce x 101’ revealed the final line-up for its new 11-member project group during the grand finale of the Mnet show on Friday.

The 11 male contestants that made it to the final cut and earned audience votes in series are Kang Min-hee, Cha Jun-ho, Nam Do-hyon, Lee Han-gyul, Son Dong-pyo, Cho Seung-youn, Song Hyeong-jun, Han Seung-woo, Kim Woo-seok, Lee Eun-sang and Kim Yo-han.

The future members will debut under temporary K-Pop group titled X1 and will be contracted to promote together for five years, making it the longest contract in the popular ‘Produce x 101’ franchise.

During the first two and a half years, they will focus on X1 while the rest of the remaining years will see them pursue individual and group activities with their original agencies.

Not only was it trending worldwide, but viewers in the UAE were all in on the final results of the fourth season that #Produce_X_101 was the top trending hashtag in the UAE. #Seungwoo, #Mingyu, and #Mnet took second, third and fifth place on Twitter trends respectively.

The Korea-based competition first aired in early 2016 and has successfully launched project bands like K-Pop girl group IZ*ONE and now-disbanded acts Wanna One and I.O.I. All the groups from the survival reality show shot to fame across Asia.

Details on the group’s debut is yet to be announced.