Justin Bieber SNL
Justin Bieber sings 'Lonely' on 'SNL'. Image Credit: YouTube

Justin Bieber delivered an emotional ‘Saturday Night Live’ performance, on the heels of his new music video for ‘Lonely’, which stars child actor Jacob Tremblay and showcases the darker side of young celebrity.

Bieber took the stage for his second ‘SNL’ appearance of the year and his performances was described as raw, powerful and emotional. With a barn-like structure covered in branches as a backdrop, and a lit-up neon cross, Bieber performed his new hit track ‘Holy’. He was joined by Chance the Rapper, his collaborator on the track.

But Bieber seemed to be overcome with emotion as he brought the song to an end, crouching over. Chance smiled as he embraced Bieber before the commercial break.

Bieber also stunned fans and viewers with his performance of ‘Lonely’. Alone in the spotlight on a dark stage, Bieber repeatedly crooned, “I’m so lonely.”

Viewers took to Twitter afterwards to praise the singer. “This is what we look for in artists. Realness. And this is what Justin Bieber has. He’s pure,” wrote one fan.

Another fan tweeted: “The pain in Justin Bieber’s voice when he was singing lonely just broke me.”

Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager, called it his “favourite performance of your career.”

“I’m so proud. I’ve seen greatness over the years but @justinbieber that was just my favorite performance of your career. Blown away!!!” wrote Braun.

Bieber days ago released the music video for ‘Lonely’. Award-winning child actor Tremblay, best known for his performances in films such as ‘Wonder’ and ‘Room’, stars in the video, seeming to depict Bieber’s younger years as he was thrust into fame at an early age.

“Everybody saw me sick and it felt like nobody gave a [expletive]. They criticised the things I did as an idiot kid. What if you had it all, but nobody to call? Maybe then you’d know me. ‘Cause I’ve had everything, but no one’s listening, and that’s just [expletive] lonely,” sings Bieber in the piano-driven ballad.