Together Let Go video-1594204304289
A still from the 'Together Let Go' video. Image Credit: YouTube

‘Together Let Go’, which filmed in Dubai during quarantine, has hit a million views on YouTube.

The anthem of global unity released last month shortly after World Music Day (June 21). It aims to bridge cultures, overcome barriers and spread a positive message of unity and strength across the world.

Written by Grammy-nominated British composer Ella Spira and Egyptian rapper DB Gad, the song features collaborators from the UAE, South Africa, Brazil, Egypt, Japan and Indonesia, as well as European artists.

Madyan Hamza and Arqam Al Abri led the vocals on the track, which was produced by Sisters Grimm and directed by Shantanu Suri.

The song mixes Arabic and English lyrics. The impactful music video features iconic scenes from around the world, including a shot of the Burj Al Arab followed by the sprawling desert, as well as symbolic origami birds.