Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried Image Credit: Instagram/mingey

Actress Amanda Seyfried reveals that her biggest “beauty fail” was when she blundered in an attempt to shape her eyebrows when she was still at school.

“I egregiously overplucked my eyebrows in high school for them never to return in full,” Amandarecalled in an interview with 'Glamour', reports

Meanwhile, the ‘Mean Girls’ star learned how to appreciate beauty in its natural form after a visit to Japan had a lasting impact.

The actress said: “Kyoto left an incredible impression on me. In Japanese culture in general, the people are all about living within nature and trying not to change but thrive, surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature.”

“Beauty, to me, is just that. Appreciating what we have, who we are, and where we come from - letting nature inform and inspire our journey inside and out of ourselves.”

Amanda, 37, also took a swipe at the beauty standards created by social media and Hollywood and would remove “likes” from people’s selfies if she had the power to do so.

“Let’s turn the camera around at what’s in front of us. Selfies can be nice and organic in the right context. Let’s keep it special,” she added.

Amandais an ambassador for beauty brand Lancome and would willingly use the company’s Brow Define pencil for the rest of her life.

The actress explained, “My brows are also just a little bit too blonde to see sometimes. Highlighting and appreciating the features I already have is the key.”