Johnny Depp Image Credit: AP

Johnny Depp says he feels like he’s being treated like a beast after being accused of violence by former wife Amber Heard.

Heard accused him of domestic violence during a bitter divorce battle, and he became embroiled in a lawsuit against his former management, which was settled in July.

Meanwhile, a legal battle with a location manager who accuses him of violence on the set of shelved film “City of Lies” (which he denies) rattles on.

“It hurts,” Depp said in an interview.

“To harm someone you love? As a kind of bully? No, it didn’t, it couldn’t even sound like me. Initially, I just kept my mouth shut, you know? I knew it was going to stick on me and it would get weirder,” he said.

He described Hollywood as a vile circus.

“I was never going to be Cinderella,” he said. “I know this and accept it. But it felt like within a very, very short period of time that suddenly this version — for lack of a better word — of Cinderella had been immediately turned into the beast. He’s Quasimod,” Depp said.

“I could feel people look at me differently, because of the accusations towards you. And then people start putting things in magazines: ‘He’s insane. He needs to take a sanity test...’ You know, ludicrous stuff.

“Ultimately, the truth will come out in all of this and I will be standing on the right side of the roaring rapids,” he added.