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Jude Law Image Credit: Reuters

Actor Jude Law revealed that he was obsessed with 'Star Wars' as a child. The 50-year-old actor -- who plays a mysterious unnamed figure in upcoming spin-off series 'Skeleton Crew' -- first experienced the space saga when he was just six years old.

And, it sparked a life-long love of the franchise, reports 'Female First UK'.

He told Empire magazine: "It was what I played as a little boy. It was the toys I grew up, that my dog ate, that I lost, that I cried over. It's all that stuff."

Jude's favourite character was always Harrison Ford's Han Solo and though teaser footage of the new series - which sees a group of intergalactic kids get lost in space - show his alter ego in an Obi-Wan Kenobi-style robe and seemingly using the Force, he teased that he took inspiration from his hero.

He said, quoted by 'Female First UK', "I hope so. What I wanted to imbue was the humour and the sardonic nature of Solo. The slight tone of, 'Aw, this is all rubbish. What am I doing here?' I think that's a very 'Star Wars' thing, the lovely irony that someone in it is a little throwaway about the whole thing."

The actor found there were times he had to get "serious" on set to help guide his young co-stars.