Charlie Sheen Image Credit: REUTERS

Charlie Sheen says his former wife Denise Richards has grounded him as a person.

“She’s definitely grounded me more, although when I met her, I was pretty straight and pretty narrow. But it... she certainly helps solidify a much greater desire for responsibility and for, you know, giving that part of me,” Sheen said.

Asked if it is nice to read articles that aren’t about the ‘bad boy Charlie Sheen’, he said: “Yeah. I just saw a mention of that last night. My wife did the cover of one of these fitness magazines, you know, and it says something — something Denise Richards settled down with reformed bad boy Charlie Sheen, and I just thought ‘When can I just be Charlie Sheen again?’”

“It just seems like there’s a lot of guys out there carrying the torch right now that are doing a pretty good job,” said the Two and a Half Men star.

Who’s filling in his shoes best now?

“Colin Farrell. He’s doing a great job. I tip my hat to him because it’s a tough one. It’s a full-time job when there’s no benefit. But there’s really no controversy or there’s nothing as print-worthy... in the way my life is today with, you know — through that filter with that perception, so I can’t get too upset about things I have no control over,” he said.

“All I can do is just move forward and then hope, eventually, enough time goes by and enough example is set that it sort of undoes itself.”