TAB_130219_DEEP_PURPLE 19 February 2013 Left to Right, Ian Gillan and Steven Morse members of Deep Purple rock band during a press conference at the crown Plaza in festival city in Dubai. Story by Irish Eden R Belleza Photo by Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News Image Credit:

Deep Purple might be one of the world’s best known rock bands, but they perform at Dubai’s Jazz Festival on Thursday -- and it’s hardly their first time at a jazz festival, having performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the world’s leading jazz events. Ahead of their show tonight, supported by Darren Rahn and JLee, lead singer Ian Gillard reveals why every song is a favourite, and why the internet means you won’t be hearing any new material.

On the performing buzz:

“It’s not really butterflies. it’s nervous excitement, I always feel it. I always get that little buzz around lunchtime on the day of a show.”

On their favourite song to perform:

“[Laughs] No. The show is an entity and it goes from one thing to another. They all have dynamics, and if you had a favourite, song, the rest would become less important. They are all important and they all present different challenges. It’s quite important to realise the joy of performing embraces in part the joy of listening, so an awful lot of my enjoyment comes from what the other guys in the band do. I like that awesome identity that Purple has. You’re a very small part of that. I get off on what the other guys do. Sometimes on certain evenings, a slow song, like Maybe I’m A Leo, because the groove is perfect and it’s the most understated song of the whole evening, will be my favourite. It changes.

“I think the songs that we do present different personal feelings. So ok if you want me to choose one, Maybe I’m A Leo is my favourite. Mind you if you ask me tomorrow I’ll give you a different answer.”

On the concert setlist:

“Its a framework, which is what you might call a setlist. Once the starter’s gun goes off, it’s mayhem.

Why they won’t be performing any new material:

“The idea is we don’t be doing any stuff from the new record because it’s impossible these days, because of YouTube. Within five minutes, the whole world will have a tinny, emaciated version and it will be a complete waste of time. So until the new record is out we’re not doing any new stuff. but all the songs are ‘new’ every night anyway.