Are you a fan of all things to do with books? Then the Gulf News social media book club is just the thing for you. Join the #GNBookClub and become a part of the reading circle. There are many ways to participate:

Grab a book

We’ll have various social media initiatives linked to the hashtag #GNBookClub. Participants will be part of a lucky draw and the winner will receive our book of the week as a prize.

The editor’s reading…

Express your interest in a book we post and get a chance to read and review it. The review will be published alongside an editor’s review and will be opened to discussion.

Weekend Review’s calling…

We’ll offer a book from the Gulf News weekly’s book section for review. All names will be placed in a random draw. One will be picked to review it. And that will get published in Weekend Review as a Reader’s Review.

Book Club talk

We’ll select a book of the month and you will be able to post your reviews, chat about the book and discuss ideas, themes, and favourite sections with other book club members.

Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram: @gulfnews and twitter: @GNReaders.