Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu in ‘Manmarziyaan’. Image Credit: Supplied

With back-to-back releases, Bollywood actor Taapsee Pannu may be on her way to becoming one of the most popular young stars but says she still feels people don’t know her.

The 31-year-old actor has made a mark with her performances in Pink, Mulk and her latest release Manmarziyaan.

“I don’t think I’m at that stage of my career where it’s okay if I do one or two films a year. Honestly, till the time each and every movie-goer knows about me, I will not stop doing multiple films a year. I still have the feeling that people don’t really know me,” Pannu said.

The actor says once she will be able to create her own audience, she will start being more selective in her choices.

“I couldn’t have said no to any film post Pink. I don’t regret a single decision of mine. Even if I made mistakes they helped me evolve. Post Pink, I don’t have any film which I can pick out from my filmography and say ‘It would have been better if I hadn’t done this film,’” she said.

Pannu says her goal is to become one of the most popular stars of her generation.

“I want to be a star. It doesn’t mean that I’ll act any less. My performance will be at par but I want to be a star. I want the audience to spend their hard earned money on my tickets without doubting. And when that day comes, I’ll believe I’m a star,” she added.

The actress believes it is important to be clear headed, confident and aware about her goals.

“At the same time you need to have a reality check about yourself and about things around you. Delusion is something that kills most of the public figures and the day you get delusional, it is like suicide point,” Pannu said.

Pannu credits her directors and writers, including Anurag Kashyap, for giving her memorable parts. Praising the Manmarziyaan director, she says they are like “evil twins”.

“Like yin-yang, biggest bullies and critics of each other. After the film was over, we were like ‘What are we doing next together?’ He is a great director. Internationally, he has become the face of directors from India. Anurag doesn’t care about ‘what people would say?’ It is something that connect him, me and my character Rumi,” she said.

Pannu’s next film is “Badla”, which is directed by Sujoy Ghosh. The film also marks the young actor’s second collaboration with actor Amitabh Bachchan.