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Actress Sonali Bendre says she spent an entire night crying when she was diagnosed with cancer, and her husband and director Goldie Behl helped her cope up with the news.

Last July, Bendre shared that she was diagnosed with a “high-grade cancer”. She underwent treatment in New York.

The actress looked back at that time during an appearance on a chat show, where she came along with her friend and entrepreneur Sussanne Khan.

“After I spent the entire night coming to terms with it, I got up and decided now no more crying and weeping. From now on, there will be happiness. I saw the sun coming up, clicked a picture and shared it with my family and my girls, and said, ‘Girls, Switch on the Sunshine’,” Bendra said.

“Goldie and I are married for 16 years. And when I came to know about cancer, I realised Goldie is the most important person I care about,” she added.

“Our kids are so mature and understanding, they were there with Ranveer (Bendre’s son) all the time,” Khan added.

Bendre also shared an anecdote about her time in New York City with her friends as she was going through the treatment.

“We decided, let’s make the most of this. We spent some time in New York. We were there with kids. They were amazing. The girls (Sussanne and Gayatri) went, dropped the kids to school, and came back. Then it was just us and we really enjoyed the city. There was a little bit of chemo, surgery thrown in between but we had fun,” Bendre revealed.

The actress also revealed the story behind her hashtags on Instagram — #OneDayataTime and #SwitchontheSunshine.

“Goldie said let us get on with this day. Let us survive this day. This is how #OneDayataTime came.”