Actress Kangana Ranaut during the special screening of film `Saala Khadoos` in Mumbai Image Credit: IANS

National award-winning Indian actress Kangana Ranaut says freedom of expression cannot be such that it hurts other’s sentiments as India is a vast country with many languages and religions.

“Freedom of expression cannot be such that it is hurtful to other’s sentiments. It has to be considered that we are a country of so many languages, religions [and] colours. To talk about something on a public platform is a very big thing, I believe what you talk even at your home, at workplace, you should be careful of what you are saying,” said Ranaut.

“One must understand the power of words. If it can be perceived in many ways then please value those many ways and come up with the most precise and accurate way to express yourself. So that if you have to go back and evaluate the context of your comment, you should not be in a place where you think ‘oh this is something which doesn’t belong to me.’”

The actress was speaking on the sidelines of a special screening of the sports drama Saala Khadoos.

Recently, Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar had raked up the debate on intolerance saying India is a “tough country” where speaking about personal life can land people behind the bars.

The Queen actress feels being a public figure one should be careful with words and said she has received “backlash” for giving opinions.

“Yes, [express yourself] in a very responsible way. No one should hurt anyone’s sentiments. It is not like you are a public figure so you have the chance to say anything. I feel everyone should evaluate things before they speak. With me, I get so much backlash for saying anything or everything but that’s okay.

“I don’t say things because I want to be a darling of everyone, or ‘miss goody’. I have to understand that if I express myself I should be able to accept compliments and backlash both,” she added.