Vir Das
Vir Das Image Credit: Supplied

Indian comedian Vir Das set up a fun scavenger hunt for his fans in an attempt to spread joy before he left London, where he has been located for many weeks.

After being nominated for an International Emmy Award for his Netflix comedy ‘Vir Das: For India’, Das was gifted a bottle of expensive bubbly. However, he decided to give it away in a unique way.

“So when you get nominated people send you free stuff. Thanks to my management for this,” Das tweeted on September 27 along with a picture of the gold bottle. “I’m leaving tomorrow and don’t drink much. I’m gonna leave this in a park in London at 4pm and let you know where...ish. If you find it...have a hunt...have a drink on me. Cheers!”

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Das then shared a video of himself at the park along with the ‘treasure’ and a handwritten note that he was about to leave near a bench.

“It’s weird to send free [expletive] to people who can afford it,” Das quipped, adding that it was a good moment in his life.

In no time after he posted the video, the bottle was snapped up.

Das, who has starred in Bollywood movies such as ‘Go Goa Gone’ and ‘Delhi Belly’, shared the update that a fan cycled 2.2 miles in 16 minutes to get to the bench.

One person even shared with Das that he made five new friends with others who had ended up on the hunt. Now that’s called spreading joy!