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Actor Rajkummar Rao. Image Credit: IANS

Actor Rajkummar Rao says he immersed himself in work after the demise of his parents because that was the only way he could cope with the loss.

Rao lost his father Satyapal Yadav in September this year. The actor’s mother died while he was shooting for the 2017 film, ‘Newton’.

“Me being an actor gave them the most amount of happiness. I know they would’ve told me that work is important and ‘go and finish your work’,” Rao said.

“Work was the only way I could keep myself out of it. I am glad I could show ‘Made In China’ trailer to my dad when he was in the hospital,” he added.

Talking about his father, Rao said: “My father taught me honesty. He was the most honest government official I have ever seen. He was at a post where could have made so much of money. He stuck to his honesty.”

He opened up about losing his parents when he appeared on chat show ‘By Invite Only’, which airs on Zoom.

The actor also busted the audition myth in the industry, saying: “There are actors who feel they can’t perform that well in auditions. Sometimes it’s a matter of ego, like ‘how can you audition me?’.”