Guru Randhawa in the ‘Signs’ music video
Guru Randhawa in the ‘Signs’ music video Image Credit: YouTube

‘Signs’, the first music video from Guru Randhawa’s album ‘Man of the Moon’ was unveiled on Saturday. It’s a fast-paced song based on a character stranded on deserted land as he reminisces about memories from the past.

The song has been composed, penned and sung by Randhawa. Directed by Rupan Bal, the music video is a visual treat for Randhawa fans as he emotes helplessness, heartache and solemnity with his expressions and vocals.

Talking about the track, Randhawa said: “As promised, every song on the ‘Man of the Moon’ album reflects a different mood and the music video for each of these are also extremely distinct.”

“‘Signs’ is one of my favourites from the album as we’ve tried to incorporate different elements in the composition and in the visuals. Rupan Bal has done a fabulous job on making this music video on par with international standards,” he added.

Bal said in a statement: “It’s a pleasure to work with Guru Randhawa who completely went with the vision I had in mind for the music video of this track. We also had a supportive producer in Bhushan Kumar who made every effort to bring this vision to life.”