Mumbai: Actress Chitrangada Singh during a radio show in Mumbai on July 10, 2018 .(Photo: IANS) Image Credit: IANS

Chitrangda Singh, whose latest film to release is Baazaar, says actresses get stereotyped by the film fraternity and audience alike based on their on-screen image, and this is “scary” at times.

Having started her film career in 2003 with Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, the actress has mostly been offered films in which she has portrayed a strong, idealistic and intelligent woman.

“I think actresses are perceived by their on-screen image in real life. I remember how after my debut film, people tend to think that I live my life wearing cotton saris like Geeta Rao of the film,” she said. “If we are doing something on-screen, and doing it conveniently, whether it’s the film fraternity or the audience — they start thinking about us like that. I am sure actresses who are doing bold scenes if a character demands, they might be perceived in the same manner in real life, which is scary.”

Whether it’s a film like Sorry Bhai! or Inkaar, where Singh’s performances were appreciated, the titles never made it big at the box office.

Asked if films that are close to reality find it hard to gain appreciation from the audience, Singh weighed in saying: “When it comes to a film like Mirch Masala, Hazaaron..., Mandi and Masoom, more than looking at the commercial success of the film, these are important stories to be shown to the society.

“A commercially successful film that holds a strong entertainment value, may not be an important story, may not be a fragment of reality but that does not mean that the story is not worth telling.”

Does projecting reality in a serious manner keep the audience away from watching such films on the big screen?

The Soorma producer said: “Maybe... That’s true. Maybe that’s too much reality to digest on a Friday night! Some films do not earn a lot of money because they are ahead of its time, they are bending the formula of a commercial film. But with time, those films become cult.”

In Baazaar, Singh worked with Radhika Apte for the first time, and she has good things to say about the Sacred Games actress.

“I think she is one of the secure talented actresses who are very non-filmy by nature. I like her because she is real, she is natural. Though we did not have a lot of scenes in the film, it was nice working with her,” she added.

Baazaar, which also stars Saif Ali Khan, is out in the UAE.