Cyrus Broacha
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Popular video presenter and host Cyrus Broacha, who looks significantly leaner these days, reveals the secrets behind his lean physique.

“I was a morning person for a long time and wake up at 4.45am. I walk my dogs at 5am. I have that time to myself and it’s very therapeutic. I come back and take my proteins. I go up at 6am, workout for an hour and walk them again. Then I have my eggs and I am ready to leave by quarter to eight. I hit the bed by 10pm,” Broacha, 49, said in an interview with Hindustan Times.

Broacha — who lost a lot of inches but reduced only a few kilos — isn’t a fan of doing intense cardio exercises and has a bone to pick with those who hang around the gym wasting their time. Why do so much cardio, he asks?

“I hate yoga; I don’t like callisthenics. I hate people who come to gyms to just hang around. I hate cardio people, especially men who do cardio. Indian men have skinny arms and skinny legs. Cardio se kya hota hai [what will happen with cardio?], they lose more weight in arms and legs. They end up looking like four noodles and one big pizza in the middle,” he adds.

The comedian, who is best known for his candid camera show 'Bakra' where he pulled pranks on people, believes that abs are made in the kitchen.

“My diet is more in than out. I just keep eating. I take 18-20 eggs and three protein shakes in a day. I have given up alcohol; I was heavy drinker till 2015. I try different diets but I can’t sacrifice the taste of food. I don’t have a cheat day, but I can’t resist potato chips and those rangeen drinks that kids have. I have a six year old’s palate. I can resist cake and all, but I love shrikhand — any malai-based stuff,” he added.

Broacha also revealed in the interview that he is a fan of lifting strong weights and squats.