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Anupam Kher Image Credit: IANS

Chronicling his experiences amid COVID-19 induced lockdown, Veteran actor Anupam Kher launched his new book, ‘Your Best Day Is Today’.

Days after introducing the title of his new book, Kher took to social media to share the launch of the book saying: “So, this book is going to be in the market at the bookstores and other places on the 5 December and it is called Your Best Day Is Today.”

This title introduced as the third book written by the actor, following his biography ‘Lessons Life Taught Me Unknowingly’ and ‘The Best Thing About You is You’.

The actor continued the clip by saying: “This is my third book and I am very proud of this because this is about pandemic, lockdown, compassion, not giving up, and not loosing hope. Jai ho!”

Through the book, Kher has assembled all the ups and downs that occurred in his life during the COVID-19 induced lockdown, including the time when his mother Dulari and brother Raju got diagnosed with COVID-19.

The two times Indian National Film award winner dedicated the book to his mother.

The former chairman of Film and Television Institute of India has been enthusiastically indulged in sharing the insights of the book from the day he introduced its title.

Earlier, the 65-year-old star shared how he surprised his mother, uncle and aunt by suddenly landing up at their place in Delhi from New York to present the first copy of his book to them.