Abu Dhabi Art showcases the world’s most innovative and established galleries offering exceptional artworks opening at Manarat Al Saadiyat on Wednesday. Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The seventh edition of Abu Dhabi Art is set to open on Wednesday in Manarat Al Saadiyat located in the Saadiyat Cultural District.

The event, organised by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi), has become a permanent event in the Abu Dhabi calendar.

The fair, which is free to enter and runs until November 21, will see participation of 40 international galleries, performing arts, exhibitions, talks and an Art Zone which hosts hands-on workshops for children aged eight and below.

Rita Aoun, executive director culture for TCA Abu Dhabi, told Gulf News, “Every year we try and evolve, especially in terms of programmes, and really to understand better the organic scene and to be able to really build something that is rooted within the social fabric of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.”

“I feel that this year Abu Dhabi Art is really starting to become this platform where we have a right balance between the grass roots, the organic creative scene and what we receive from all around the world,” she added.

The galleries, who have come to the fair from around the world, including USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, can be found under four sections: Modern and contemporary galleries, Bidaya, Signature and Beyond.

The Bidaya section of the galleries is awarded to only one emergent gallery, which provides them with a platform to participate in the international art scene.

This year the section has been presented to Gallery One from Ramallah, which was established about a year and a half ago, making it Palestine’s first gallery since the 1970s.

“It feels excellent to be part of the Bidaya programme, as an emerging art gallery it is a really good opportunity for us,” said Samar Martha, owner of Gallery One.

Samar hopes the event will help promote Palestinian artists and gradually establish a collector’s base for them.

Returning to Abu Dhabi Art, Abdul Qader Al Rais, a prominent Emirati artist, told Gulf News, “For artists this is our Eid, we wait for this [Abu Dhabi Art] every year. It is only a few days but it’s great.”

He is presenting five pieces as part of Hunar Gallery, two of which were inspired by events occurring in the region, including Yemen.

  • Abu Dhabi Art 2015
  • Dates: November 18-21
  • Location: Manarat al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Cultural District
  • Opening Hours:3pm to 10pm
  • Friday: 2pm to 10pm