‘Beirut After the Blast’
‘Beirut After the Blast’ Image Credit: MContent

The metaverse screening of documentary ‘Beirut After the Blast’ was held in Dubai at the Waldorf Astoria DIFC on September 1 ahead of its release online.

The 50-minute film is an MContent production, the world’s first Watch2earn content ecosystem and pioneers of Web3 cinema, and is directed by activist and witness of the blast Fahed Abu Salah.

Following the aftermath of the fatal explosion that ripped through Lebanon’s capital city on August 4, 2020 it asks what are the repercussions of the blast.

Fahed Abu Salah said in a statement: “When the explosion happened, I was in Beirut and knew as with most news, the world watches for a few days and moves on. Two years on this documentary is my attempt to ensure the people of Beirut are not forgotten. If we all stand together, we will bring Lebanon, the Lebanese people and children back to where they deserve to be.”

Director Fahed Abu Salah
Director Fahed Abu Salah Image Credit: Supplied

During the private screening, there was an unveiling by MContent of 961 NFT artworks symbolic of Lebanon’s 961 area code. All profits from sales of the NFTs will be donated to the Beirut community through NGO charity Plan.Lb.

Umair Masoom, Founder & CEO of MContent said in a statement: “One of the key strengths of a Web3 content company and streamer like MContent is our ability to pick up any story that our community wants to shed light... This premiere further highlights the unique independence of our content empowering filmmakers like Fahed with limited resources to create and widely distribute an incredibly important story.”

‘Beirut After The Blast’ will be available to the public on MContent’s app and website.