The Net-Zero dream is big yet often wounded by loose commitments. However, with more and more entities realising the importance of being responsible, ambitious Net Zero charters that are fortified by technology are being put forward, especially in the water industry.

At Xylem, our vision is to solve water issues and help utilities make giant leaps in their Net Zero ambitions.

As a company, sustainability is at the core of everything we do — which is intertwined with our external workings and guides our internal aspirations to Net Zero before 2050. Our goals are mapped out into three main pillars: Customers, the company and communities and touch upon critical areas across our value chain: Decarbonisation, watershed resiliency and stewardship, and equity.

So far, we have made steady progress.

We are decarbonising the water sector and reducing greenhouse gases released across both our customer value chains. In tandem, we are empowering communities by aligning philanthropic partnerships that focus on decarbonisation, including nature-based climate solutions.

When it comes to stewardship, Xylem is providing innovative solutions to address water challenges already threatening the health of watersheds around the world and generating huge water, energy and cost savings.

Speaking of equity, we strive for all people to have equitable access to water and sanitation services and to have a voice in the design and management of those services.

Additionally, we have created an organisation that is centred on diverse representation and inclusivity. To this end, we are committing 1 per cent of our profits every year and 1 per cent of our employees’ time towards contributing to sustainability.

Winning the race to Net Zero goes beyond environmental successes, and as a fraternity, we have a real opportunity to break from the status quo, creating smarter utilities and a healthier planet.