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For more than 14 years, Virtuzone has been helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporations navigate the ever-changing business landscape of the UAE.

As the country’s leading company formation specialists and corporate services provider, Virtuzone goes beyond the set-up stage by offering its clients a complete suite of corporate services designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses and position them for long-term growth and success.

Since it pivoted its focus to corporate services, the Dubai-based company has continuously expanded its business support services to ensure entrepreneurs and businesses can rely on high-quality and cost-effective solutions that match their every need throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Preparing UAE-based businesses for corporate tax

The leaders at the helm of Virtuzone – Neil Petch, Chairman and Co-founder; Geoff Rapp, Executive Director and Co-founder; and George Hojeige, Chief Executive Officer – have always sought to respond agilely to changes in local and international markets.

Foreseeing that businesses will need expert guidance as they adapt to the country’s new corporate tax regulations, which will take effect from June 2023, Virtuzone has built an in-house team of accountants and tax advisors who will guide business owners in understanding and complying with the UAE’s new tax law.

In addition, the company has also introduced a market-leading UAE Corporate Tax Calculator, which helps businesses have an idea of how much corporate tax they might need to pay while assessing their tax readiness level.

Enabling the UAE’s Web3 movement and borderless business environment

Seeing the astonishing growth of Web3-related businesses, such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, Virtuzone has established VZX to provide dedicated and specialised assistance to entrepreneurs, founders and investors who want to engage in activities related to virtual assets.

Aside from helping individuals and businesses secure a crypto licence, VZX offers expert advice on how they can meet specific regulations issued by Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority and other relevant governing bodies.

By providing high-level assistance to this niche market, Virtuzone seeks to play a critical role in ushering in the UAE’s Web3 era and helping the country build and facilitate a borderless business model.