From left: Shahzad Haider, Fragrance Foundation Arabia chairman; Grit Pannier, Fragrance Foundation Arabia president, and Louis Lecoeur, Firmenich Dubai general manager. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Fragrance Foundation Arabia, the regional arm of the global fragrance industry body Fragrance Foundation US, will hold the first annual ‘FiFi' Fragrance Award for the UAE in October.

The awards were announced during the first gathering of fragrance industry professionals on Sunday, organised by Frag-rance Foundation Arabia in association with Firmenich Dubai.

The business breakfast was attended by a host of the industry's top players who discussed ways to collaborate through Fragrance Foundation Arabia.

Details about the annual ‘FiFi' Fragrance Award were also revealed, and the event, known as the Perfume Oscars, will be held on October 27.

As well as the opportunity to network, Fragrance Foundation Arabia offers its members a wealth of key industry information, statistics on the local market, and assistance in the fight against counterfeit products.

"Fragrance Foundation Arabia is a fantastic platform to promote a very prestigious industry that triggers both passion and emotion to all," said Louis Lecoeur, general manager of Firmenich Dubai and board member of the Fragrance Foundation Arabia.

"For the first time in the region there will also be a body providing the industry with key information regarding local regulations and legislation, fake products and statistics on the market and trends locally, which is very hard to find."

Fragrance Foundation Arabia's main focus is to enhance the image of the fragrance industry and to expand the appreciation and use of fragrance in all its forms across all global distribution channels.

"The fragrance industry has historically always been an integral part of the daily Islamic culture and way of life, and Arabs have a very unique passion for fragrances," said Shahzad Haider, chairman of Frag-rance Foundation Arabia.

"Today the fragrance industry in the region is growing faster than in other parts of the world, and we have also noticed that Oriental perfumes are adapting their products to suit the global markets," Haider added.

"On the other hand, there is an exponential increase in international brands of fragrances and retail houses in the region because of the sheer demand and keen interest of the multi-national brands within the Middle Eastern market."