SK Saeed
Muhammad Ali Saeed Shaikh Image Credit: Supplied

Shaikh Mohammed Saeed Group of Companies is among the UAE’s oldest and most established perfumeries, evidently being granted one of the first trade licences to operate a business in the region. Could you elaborate on this?

The roots of our company trace back to the visionary efforts of my late father, Shaikh Mohammed Saeed, who had an exceptional understanding of perfumery. As early as 1954, he embarked on a journey to pioneer perfume manufacturing in the UAE. Our distinction is evident in the fact that we were granted one of the region’s initial trade licences, allowing us to establish a business during a time when the industry was still nascent.

Could you please explain how Shaikh Mohammed Saeed Est. can help individuals or businesses to create their own perfume brands?

We have assisted numerous businesses in creating their own perfume brands in the GCC and worldwide. We provide end-to-end solutions to new businesses as well as the existing ones and help them create their perfume brands.

Our manufacturing unit is well equipped with the state-of-the art, cutting-edge technology and we have a dedicated team of experienced perfume experts. With extensive knowledge in the perfume industry, they can help clients in every aspect of their business, from initial fragrance consultancy, product design, packaging and delivery to the transfer of business know-how and marketing strategy. We represent a commitment to delivering internationally standardised products at a very competitive price.

What makes your organisation stand out when compared to other perfume houses in the region for contract manufacturing?

With 70 years of experience in the perfume industry, we have gained a strong reputation for being a customer-focused organisation. We encourage individuals to create their own perfumes and brands, and we prioritise trust and confidentiality.

We never disclose customer ideas or create perfumes based on others’ innovative thinking. Our policy ensures that even if a project doesn’t proceed, we make no attempt to replicate it. We value all customers equally, regardless of the order value.

Can you give us some idea about the investment needed to start a perfume brand and the expected ROI?

To determine the project cost, it is essential to understand the specific requirements of the entrepreneurs. The cost depends on factors such as fragrance selection, product design, and packaging. I recommend meeting with our private label manufacturing consultants to get a preliminary understanding of the desired product.

The marketing cost will vary based on an entrepreneur’s vision and their plans to scale up the business within a specific timeframe. Although every business has its own risk, entrepreneurs can expect a good yield on their investments in the perfume industry.

How to contact your team of experts for getting consultation to understand white labelling and is there any charge for this?

To get in touch with our team of experts and receive consultation on white labelling, individuals or companies can visit We have a dedicated section for private label manufacturing where you can find relevant information. The consultation is provided free of charge. ■