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Ditch the stress and buckle up for a smoother Dubai journey.

With Yango Maps you are always aware of the current traffic situation, feel at ease on new roads, and have no need to worry about parking options near your destination. Yango Maps has arrived to revolutionise your ride.

True-to-life city map

This isn't just an average navigation app. You can see roads, buildings, underground crossings, and even trees come to life on your screen. Yango Maps boasts a highly detailed map with over 3,000 km of meticulously mapped roads, including lane markings, multi-level interchanges, tunnels, and parking spots, complete with stunning 3D landmarks, making navigating a breeze.

Smooth driving

The app introduces an adaptive view of the route, which highlights important details of the road ahead and zooms in on complicated turns for safer, well-informed driving.

Need a quick escape from traffic? Yango Maps provides real-time traffic updates, like road closures and accidents, highlighting optimal paths to your destination, in addition to speed limit alerts that are made in advance.

Address and parking

When the destination is a department store, a business centre, or a place in a popular district, Yango Maps displays nearby parking options before the user starts driving, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Besides, the map features accurate addresses with entrances and buildings displayed in detail, so you can plan your route, for example, to the exact entrance of Dubai Mall or the exact business tower in a financial district.

Voice notifications

The app also gives turn-by-turn voiced detailed directions and route updates like which lane to be in to make the perfect turn. Notifications are delivered by voice in English and Arabic.

Customised car icons

Recently, 10 new car icons have been added to the app. Choose from a variety of customised car icons to add flair to your navigation experience, like spacecraft, sports car, sedan, crossover, gold and silver arrows, or, even, the white horse! The white horse is designed exclusively for Dubai users and it’s the only animated car icon among all navigation apps in Dubai.

Let Yango Maps take the wheel and redefine your Dubai exploration.

The app also has useful features for those not in the driver’s seat. Users can book rides via the built-in Yango ride-hailing service, check bus schedules, and travel along streamlined walking routes.

Yango Maps is available free on Google Play and the App Store, with both English and Arabic for the interface and voice directions.