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SPC Free Zone Business Trade Licenses

SPC Free Zone offers the option of a dual license that will grant companies two different approvals; the first one issued by the SPC Free Zone administration, and the second by Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD), which will allow companies to take advantage of investment opportunities within the free zone as well as the UAE mainland’s markets. The license types can be categorised as below:

Service License

Operating with a Service License means one will run a business without any tangible assets, focusing more on selling unique services to consumers (consultancies, project management, investment services).


Operating with a Commercial License allows one to trade in goods and sell specific services. The goods sold can be imported and sold in the UAE, exported and sold outside the UAE, or ascertained and traded solely within the UAE. With this license one can trade almost any type of goods.


An E-commerce License allows one to conduct your business in the UAE but purely online. One would have to operate via online portals that allow the buying and selling of goods and services both locally and internationally.

General Trading License

A General Trading License allows one to trade in more specific goods as well as general items. Almost all goods can be traded under this license, and they do not need to be related.


Warehouse and Storage Facility

Dedicated lockable spaces are available for investors who are looking for a small or larger space for storage, or other uses with the highest standards of fire, safety and security.

Co-working Facility

Every client at SPC Free Zone will have 24/7 access to the office facilities, meeting rooms, co-working spaces and cafes located within an area of 100,000 square metres.

Office Space

The independent office space ranges from 17 square metres up to more than 1,700 square metres. Investors can choose either a furnished or unfurnished office.

Retail Space

The wide area of retail spaces provides a prime location to sell products directly to the customers. There are also options to open restaurants or coffee shops to serve beverages and snacks.


Our professional and cost-effective concierge services will help you with Emirates ID and medical assistance, visa services, opening bank accounts, document clearing, passport service, tax certificates and much more.

Tax and Accounting

SPC Free Zone offers a broad range of services that helps businesses maintain sustainable growth and prepare for long-term financial stability through the dedicated tax and accounting division. The services include VAT registration, VAT deregistration, compliance, Economic Substance Regulation (ESR), FTA approvals and more.