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As we head towards the second half of 2023, the business landscape is rapidly evolving, and entrepreneurs are adapting accordingly. Several areas have emerged as popular choices for new and growing ventures at Sharjah Media City (Shams). Among these, general trading, consulting, e-commerce, IT, and tax and accounting services are fast becoming the go-to options for start-ups and established businesses alike.

General trading

General trading refers to the buying and selling of a variety of products, typically across multiple industries. Entrepreneurs see it as an attractive option because it allows them to be versatile in their offerings, which can ultimately lead to a potentially lucrative business.

Additionally, this sector is relatively low-risk compared to some others, and it’s not dependent on one product or market. Shams offers 30 per cent off on its General Trading license, allowing investors to start their general trading business for just Dh8,050. Shams is also running a promotion that combines the e-commerce activity with general trading for just Dh6,500.


E-commerce has been growing rapidly for years, but Covid-19 accelerated that growth even more. Entrepreneurs see e-commerce as an attractive option because it offers a scalable business model with low overheads. Thanks to the proliferation of platforms like Amazon and Noon, it’s also relatively easy to set up an online store and start selling. With Shams’ media package, you could start your e-commerce business for just Dh5,750, or you could combine the activity with a general trading activity to avail its E-Trader package for Dh6,500.


The consulting industry has been consistently growing, and it’s only expected to continue in the coming years. It includes everything from business strategy and management to marketing and communications. Entrepreneurs are capitalising on their skills and expertise in a particular field to help other businesses succeed. Consulting can be done as a standalone business, or it can be combined with other services like coaching or training.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is a field with nearly endless possibilities. Entrepreneurs in this space can focus on software development, systems integration, network management, cybersecurity, and more. Digital transformation is a top priority for many businesses, and entrepreneurs with IT skills are capitalising on this trend by helping companies modernise their operations.

Tax and accounting services

Accounting services are another area that entrepreneurs are keenly interested in. Many businesses struggle with accounting and bookkeeping, and these entrepreneurs see an opportunity to provide a service that many companies need. Accounting services can include everything from tax preparation and bookkeeping to financial analysis and strategic planning.

In conclusion, entrepreneurs are taking advantage of multiple opportunities in 2023. General trading, consulting, e-commerce, IT, and accounting services all offer unique advantages and are growing sectors in the business world. As entrepreneurs explore these options, they are positioning themselves to succeed in a rapidly evolving economy.