Emirates Classification Society (Tasneef) since its establishment in 2012, has been considered as the only Arab Classification in the Arab world and the fastest growing society in the world. Tasneef Maritime, one of the three subsidiarise of Tasneef, has managed steady growth in its number of ships and tonnage since establishment and is expected to have around 100 per cent increase in its tonnage by end of 2022.

Expanding the Tasneef fleet is a priority, however, this didn’t stop Tasneef management from introducing new services related to inspections in the maritime sector. One of the new services introduced in 2022 is the inspection and certification of ports using advanced equipment and artificial intelligence to detect defects on a large scale. Defects could be hairline cracks in the quaywalls in deep waters where normal divers cannot detect them using their eyes. This new technology has enabled Tasneef to win a multi-million contract from AD Ports to inspect and certify Mina Zayed.

Using Artificial Intelligence with assistance from its partners, Abyss Solutions from Australia, has enabled Tasneef to introduce a new way of doing fabric maintenance for the oil and gas industries. Its technology will enable customers to produce digital twins for the offshore platforms and automatically detect and categorize corrosions in a millimetre accuracy with minimum human interaction. This not only enhances human safety, but also saves considerable time required to do maintenance and promote a better system to avoid accidents and thus costly shutdowns.

Tasneef, with its three subsidiaries has more than 150 staff residents in the UAE. Its maritime subsidiary that engages 72 staff members is considered the largest. In addition it is also considered as the largest Maritime Classification Office in the UAE. Tasneef Management was careful in selecting expert staff to serve our customers.

A smart balance of local staff hiring was also maintained, where UAE Nationals contribute up to 50 per cent of Tasneef Maritime’s manpower. It is worth mentioning that most Emiratis are engineers trained in the UAE using Tasneef’s resources. Tasneef is the only society trained local engineer to be qualified surveyors and this is considered as the group’s best achievement.