Clockwise from left: Jane Yu, Zaina Al Merabi, Fouad Jamil Al Bezreh, Shreya Bhatia, Husna Syed and Mahmoud Al Sofyani Image Credit: Supplied

If you didn't have a chance to get away this Eid, you can still have a mini-break in the UAE. Dubai is a big tourist destination with amazing hotels and places to see. However, the other emirates have interesting things to explore as well. Ras Al Khaimah, for instance, has the UAE’s tallest mountain, Jebel Jais, as well as beautiful beaches where you can enjoy a relaxing break.

If you want to take a quick vacation and save money on airfare, staycation is perfect for you.

We spoke to several UAE residents about where they want to go for a staycation.

Fouad Jamil Al Bezreh, 20, Syrian

Ras Al Khaimah is my favourite place for a vacation. Every now and then my friends and I go there to relax and have fun. There’s this hotel where you can do everything, from swimming to playing football and basketball, jet-ski. It also has a spa and more. And it has the best food ever. It’s the best place for a vacation after a long week.

Jane Yu, 35, Filipina

Fujairah has always been my top choice for a staycation out of all the seven emirates. I consider it the best destination to escape the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced city life. Great adventures await those who love going to the beach, mountain climbing, parasailing, and even diving. Taking photographs and going to the beach are my favourite hobbies. The scenic and breath-taking view of Fujairah is definitely lens-worthy!

Mahmoud Al Sofyani, 20, Saudi Arabian

Dubai would be the ideal place for me if I was to plan a staycation. However, if I am in an adventurous mood I would most likely be attending a #vdubz_dubai drive with 40 plus Volkswagen cars to scenic mountain destinations across the UAE. We’ve already been to Jebel Jais and Jebel Hafeet and we are still discovering more and more places to visit.  

Shreya Bhatia, 20, Indian

I have lived in Dubai all my life and it is home. As much as I love travelling, having a staycation in the city is always so tempting because it’s familiar and everything is so convenient. I feel like between going to university and coming back, there is so much that I miss out on or don’t get a chance to see in the city. Whether it is eating good food, visiting something new or going for an event, Dubai offers residents everything. It’s the perfect place for a staycation.

Zaina Al Merabi, 18, Lebanese

I love going to Umm Al Quwain right after a stressful week at university. There is a small resort that caters to only women, called Imar Spa, and I love staying there. The weather is amazing year round -- even in the hottest months of summer, it is bearable in Umm Al Quwain. Whether I am relaxing by the beach and tanning, swimming in the pool, or getting a massage at the in-house space, I enjoy every second of it. It’s definitely my favourite place for a getaway.

Husna Syed, 24, Pakistani

My staycation choice would be Fujairah. Although it’s far from where I reside, the emirate allows you to disconnect from the strenuous routine of Dubai and enjoy the storybook landscape of the Arabian desert. Because it is not as urban as the capital and Dubai and is also up north, Fujairah has relatively better weather and that’s a pretty attractive feature for a staycation in the UAE.