Mohammad Taboubi Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News


The Sales Dept., a start-up offering sales teams to companies, launched this week in Dubai.

The company’s aim, according to co-founder Mohammad Taboubi, is to provide businesses with fully trained sales people and sales strategies.

“It’s unique,” Taboubi said in an interview with Gulf News, adding: “I’ve been in the country for 10 years, and people want quality sales. Small businesses suffer from the cost of hiring bad sales people. It can break a small company.”

Taboubi referred to the visa fees and the other hiring and firing costs as an example of how costly it can be to pick a bad salesperson.

Instead, he suggests, The Sales Dept. can be hired, given the company’s specifications and budget, and hire a sales team of its own, who are then trained in the company’s sales methods.

“I’ve been in sales for the past 15 years. I’ve learnt sales from scratch and I’m passionate about it. I’ve sold millions and millions of products,” Taboubi said, talking about what makes him uniquely qualified for this type of work.

It appears that there is a desire for this kind of service, as the recently-launched company has already landed contracts with a number of businesses, including IT-Serve, Fun Lovin’ Digitals and Travall.

The Sales Dept. also has eight permanent members of sales staff, and is ready to bring more in at a moment’s notice should the company land a large contract, Taboubi added.

“We would train the contracted sales staff, ensure that they understood the project, and the pitch, and then we would hand them over to the company,” he said.

But Taboubi, as director of sales of The Sales Dept., faces a challenge with some companies: “They don’t understand how long a serious sales operation can take to get going.”

“It takes, on average, around three months for sales people to become acquainted with the thing they’re selling, the sales pitch, and to build a pipeline of potential customers and then start selling,” he said.

Some companies simply don’t understand that, and expect immediate results, he added.

“The hardest part of my job is educating the client on how sales really work. Once they understand it all works a lot better,” he concluded.