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Treat yourself to all-night cool, comfortable sleep with the Serta Arctic mattresses. These mattresses are designed with an innovative cooling and recharge technology which delivers ultimate cooling sensation. The cooling system works by effectively pulling away heat from your body and pulls it deep into the mattress. Simultaneously, the recharge technology regulates your body’s natural biorhythm, resulting in a cool and comfortable sleeping environment all night long. Additionally, the mattresses are layered with premium, body contouring gel infused memory foam to provide exceptional comfort and promote overall health and well-being. Indulge in a rejuvenating and refreshing sleeping experience every night.

Key features of the Arctic collection are:

Cool and recharge sleep system

This system is designed to produce a sensation of ultimate cooling. Firstly, the super cooling cover gives the initial cool sensation and pulls away heat from the body down to the next cool gel laminate layer, which in turn absorbs the heat and pulls it down deeper into the mattress. Finally, the micro support gel infused visco foam layer further pulls heat away from the body. Additionally, the system uses special minerals found in nature to enhance intra-body communication and regulate body’s natural biorhythm. This helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation. As a result, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable sleeping environment throughout the night.

Dynamic air cushion system

This technology is designed to serve two primary purposes. Firstly, it promotes adequate air flow to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience. Secondly, it offers deep cushioning to provide additional comfort. Altogether, the dynamic air cushion system is a comprehensive solution that offers both comfort and support for an optimal sleep experience.

Gel laminate technology

Gel laminate technology is a process through which comfort layer is coated with a layer of gel which is cool to the touch and further enhances the cooling impact on the surface of the mattress. This process is used to draw heat away from the sleeper, resulting in a cooler and comfortable surface.

Serta Arctic Collection is available in two new grades - Arctic Premier Hybrid and Arctic Plush Foam.