Billy Triandafilou of Express Wheel Repairs has 17 years of experience in the motor industry and offers everything from quick tyre refurbishment to rim customisation Image Credit: OLIVER CLARKE/Gulf News

Billy Triandafilou, a 34-year-old Briton, has opened an express mobile wheel repair service in Dubai that happens to be the very first dedicated mobile tyre refurbishment service in the country.

The services provided range from refurbishing wheels to customising rims. In terms of customisation, Express Wheel Repairs is also equipped to paint rims of any colour and this includes two-tone colours as well. Besides wheel paint jobs, the company can also airbrush rims on-site with graphics selected by its customers. Providing on-site services that suit your requirements, the company's custom-built mobile workshop can visit your home, sorting out your wheel worries in your own driveway.

"I've spent the last 17 years in the motor industry, doing everything from fixing cars mechanically to buying and selling vehicles. I have also been personally involved in many body shops," says Triandafilou. Bringing prior experience to the UAE, Triandafilou operated a similar service in the UK that has seen great success. "The business was very successful and it got to a point where the company was repairing eight sets of rims per day," he admits.

Express Wheel Repairs was established last month and is steadily building a name for itself among its peers in the motor-service industry. Geared up to perform quality wheel repairs, Triandafilou explains the main reason behind bringing this concept to the UAE; "I believe that Express Wheel Repairs can do very well in Dubai simply because we offer guaranteed quality and are currently the only operating business capable of mobile wheel repairs."

One of the main points that stand out and would appeal to the residents here is the company's same day service policy.

The company currently operates three fully functional mobile vehicles, the main machine being a custom-painted, completely modified Volkswagen Crafter. The Crafter is kitted out with state-of-the-art tyre-related technology such as an air compressor, a tyre removal kit and a wheel polishing machine. Additionally, the mobile service unit has paint in various colours and a double spray booth with infra-red heat lamps.

With regard to competitors in the country, Triandafilou says that there are currently no dedicated wheel-repair mobile-service units that he is aware of. "Providing the business goes as planned, I will definitely be looking to expand to other GCC countries in the foreseeable future," he says. With the ability to supply new tyres as well, Express Wheel Repairs offers the ideal solution to an otherwise time-consuming procedure. Besides Express Wheel Repairs, other companies do offer similar services mostly coupled with additional bodywork services. Paint Solutions, a mobile repair service set up in Dubai six years ago, provides high-quality refurbishments to minor paintwork scratches, bumper scuffs and wheel repairs.

The company currently employs six mechanics, who are trained to provide efficient and reliable service. Prices depend on the type of vehicle and the specific services required, though basic four-wheel refurbishment could start at about Dh1,400.

"As we are a newly established business, we currently have about two orders per day," says Triandafilou. "People love the concept and find it convenient as we can go to them and finish the job in a relatively short space of time. Our only requirement is access to 240 volts of power and a little water." His strategy to build long-term customer loyalty is simple; provide friendly, honest and quality work.