The newly opened Pet Boutique & Spa in Dubai Marina is a warm and inviting place for pets and their owners Image Credit: Supplied

In the heart of the Dubai Marina on the beautiful Marina Promenade, you will find the Pet Boutique and Spa, a unique pet shop for “pets with personality” and pet-caring parents.

Andrei and Cristina, owners of this exclusive boutique, have created this wellness destination for pets that takes the concept of a pet shop to a totally new level. The idea is born out of the couple’s deep love for animals. They are parents of a seven-year old beautiful Persian cat and welcome different pets to this beautiful space, including dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish and even reptiles and amphibians. The boutique shop and spa is designed “With love for all Pets” to put pets and their parents at ease. The owners have taken care of the smallest details in design to achieve the desired results of a warm and cosy place.

From advising pet lovers on the right nutrition to offering the perfect grooming and healthcare to making sure all pets get the right treatment, the Pet Boutique and Spa’s total wellness approach for animals helps you in every stage of your pet’s life.

Andrei and Cristina

When asked about the idea behind the Pet Boutique and Spa, Andrei and Cristina said, “As cat parents we were always looking for the best products for our cat, Mitzi. We did not have the proper knowledge about grooming and healthcare, and without proper guidance, we mostly sourced the information ourselves. We felt there was a gap in the market and an opportunity to improve the quality of the service for our pet community in Marina. That’s how Pet Boutique and Spa was born. We wanted to make sure that everyone got what we missed out on for years.”

Nutrition needs

The right nutrition advice is of utmost importance for good pet health. Pet Boutique’s professional team has excellent knowledge in this area. “We also offer a premium range of the products, carefully selected, focused on healthy diets with natural and organic ingredients. You will find brands here with a strong reputation in the pet care industry, such as Thrive, Applaws, Schesir, Kit Cat, ZiwiPeak, Hill’s and many others,” says Andrei.

Grooming for pleasure

Pet Boutique and Spa will provide a sophisticated grooming service for pets from the nose to toes Image Credit: Supplied

Grooming is vital to an pet’s overall health and well-being. Not only do you want your pet to smell, look, and feel clean at all times, you also prevent many diseases when you keep your pet groomed and fresh.

Talking about their special spa services, Andrei and Cristina say this is an important part of their pet-care solutions. “Grooming should be a pleasure for pets. It shouldn’t stress them out. After watching pet-care best practices from around the world, we realised that grooming services in Dubai needed an upgrade. The little furry friends are like our children who need care, attention and pampering as well,” he says.

Pet Boutique and Spa aims to provide a sophisticated grooming service for pets from the nose to toes. “For this we have our European certified pet grooming stylist, Mila, super talented and passionate, with more than 10 years of experience and trainings in Ukraine, Qatar and Singapore. She is a nutrition and healthcare expert as well and a dog trainer and easily handles all type of dogs and cats,” explains Andrei.

So pets can expect not just a fancy haircut but also a check-up so owners can be alerted early of any potential problems. “And sometimes when there is a lack of outdoor movement, we do spoil them with a massage. It might sound crazy but most of the pets love to get a massage. So, you can expect here a unique experience and a Thai-style treatment that would make humans jealous.” To make things easier, the couple also offer a pick-up and drop-off service for your pets.

Pet sitting and dog walking

Pet Boutique also offers special pet sitting facilities. Now you can travel freely without stressing about your cats as specialists at the pet shop you will be able to watch over your feline friends and even hear and talk to them anytime you want. Each cathouse has a smart camera that can be connected from the app on the phone from any part of the world. Also in each cathouse there is an individual lighting system with movement sensor that will turn on the light only when the cat will be active.

For dogs there is also a special service for sitting, right in the comfort of their own homes! Either you choose for few hours a day or full-time sitting, your pet will not feel alone or miss you when you are away. This is a great solution against separation anxiety.

Summer care for pets

With rising temperatures in summer, spending time with your furry friends outdoors can be tricky. Talking about special summer care, Mila says, “Pets need to adapt to higher temperatures during the summer and here is some advice. First of all hydration is the priority for our pets as much it is for us and we recommend to provide them with fresh water continuously and if possible even to use a water fountain. Add some ice cubes in the water bowl or fountain. Take them for early morning and late evening walks so that their paws don’t get burned, and if they need to go out in the sun, make sure they wear protective shoes. For pets with long hair, we recommend to trim it as much as possible and brush it often. Also, make sure that the temperature of the house is constant, not lower than 22 degrees and no higher than 26 degrees and most important, don’t leave them alone in the car.”

Pet Boutique also offers special pet sitting facilities Image Credit: Supplied

When you get your first pet home

Pets are important in our lives. They teach kids a lot about love and care, and make them responsible. No matter if it’s a cat, dog, hamster, turtle or even a fish, children learn life lessons when they live with pets. But before you bring them home, make sure you have some basic supplies ready.

For a dog, you will need dry and wet food according to their age and breed; bowls for food and water, small treats for rewards, leash and harness or collar, puppy pads, toys and basket or pillow bed. Cats also need dry and wet food, bowls for food and water, scratcher pole or scratcher house, litter box, clamping litter sand, and small toys that are easier to chase (try also the laser, it is fun for everyone).

When you bring a puppy or kitten at home, you should be careful with their first week of nutrition as they might have just stopped being fed by their mothers. Depending on their age the milk should be replaced gradually with wet or dry food.

Also, for the adult cats and dogs, we do not recommend a sudden change of food. It's best to change your dog's diet gradually. Transition your dog to a new food by substituting a little of the new stuff for the old in their usual meal. Swap out a little more at the next feeding, and so on, for seven days.

Special discounts at Pet Boutique and Spa

Pet Boutique also has an online shop with over 6000 products in stock and guarantees delivery in less than 48-hours. Check their website for amazing deals and offers! More than that, as a welcome gift, they offer 50 per cent off for all grooming service in the Month of September and 20 per cent off on your first order. Use the code WELCOME20 at the check out.