Stock - Contactless payment
It’s the next step retailers will need to integrate into their shopper journey. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: ADNOC Distribution has gone all cashier-less at its Oasis store in the Sheikh Khalifa Energy Complex. Customers will no longer have to wait for a staff to bill them - they only need to tap in with a bank card, Emirates ID, or scan the QR code, pick up the items and walk out.

Payments will be processed after the customer leaves the store, either through the app or through the bank card used to enter the store. All details of purchase will be stored in the app or through an e-receipt. ADNOC Distribution thus becomes the first fuel retailer in the region to go all out on contactless transactions.


“Digitisation has been a core part of our ongoing customer-experience enhancements and this unmanned ADNOC Oasis is the very essence of this strategy,” said Bader Saeed Al Lamki, CEO, ADNOC Distribution. “The consumer landscape has naturally evolved as a result of the pandemic and we see how important accessible retail is for our customers.”

Real-time offers

Each shelf in the store is equipped with an electronic LED screen that digitally displays the price as well as any promotions. Offers will also be updated in real time.

In addition to everyday essentials, ADNOC Go stores will also offer fresh coffee and food. Customers will also be able to shop as a family using a single QR code for entry. Once family members have scanned the code and entered the store, they will be tracked as a group and all items taken from the shelves by anyone in the group will be added to a single virtual basket.